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In the following, we have put together some information on current highlights of research as well as details of current events. You can find more detailed information about research concentrations as well as how to make direct contact with FB4 researchers on the websites of the thematic fields and institutes.

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Logo & Claim

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FB 4 - Background

FB4 kicked off with the first professorial appointments in 1983. At that time still quite controversial, the initial concept quickly proved to be a great success: Now FB4’s mix of interdisciplinary and research-based learning has become something of a role model.

A documentation for the 25th anniversary celebration (as of Sept. 2008).


The complexity of logistics networks in today‘s global economy calls for intensive cooperation between research and industry, thinking in cross-sector categories as well as the optimal use of innovative technologies. In short: Bremen Research Cluster for Dynamcis in Logistics.

Production and Logistics

BIBA – The Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics is divided into the research area of “Intelligent Production and Logistics Systems�? (IPS) and “Information and Communication Applications in Production�? (IKAP).

CRC 637

For almost ten years now, the Collaborative Research Center 637 at the University of Bremen has been developing methods connected with autonomous logistics systems and investigating their potentials and limitations.

The Bremen Drop Tower

The most striking campus building is the drop tower. It is home to the Center for Applied Aerospace Technology and Microgravitation (ZARM), Europe’s only large-scale research facility for conducting experiments under conditions of zero gravity.