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Welcome to FB4: Faculty of Production Engineering

So you’re interested in studying an engineering subject? Then you’ve come to the right place! On the following pages you will find information on our Faculty of Production Engineering – Mechanical Engineering & Process Engineering, our study programs and our research research.

We want to introduce you to the individual thematic fields in which our professors teach and research. You will also find the contact details of all the people you need to know in our Faculty.

If you would just like to get some information about what generally goes on in FB4, we suggest you do some surfing around our website. You may well also be interested in taking a look at current faculty highlights and events.

Universität Bremen

Student life

Being a student is not only about lectures and study schedules. Life as a student also presents opportunities to gather valuable experience and make friends for life.

Roughly 34,000 students are enrolled at the seven universities in the state of Bremen … comparably low rents, a colorful night-life scene, art and culture, a friendly green city, and much more besides all contribute to the great quality of life here.

Looking for a pre-studies placement, student job or internship abroad?

For students on some of our programs, such things are compulsory: By undertaking a pre-studies placement you gain valuable insights into the practice. Placements are also compulsory in later stages, and you should seriously consider what you stand to gain by spending some time abroad: That really looks good in your résumé. The Faculty of Production Engineering does all it can to support students undertaking placements and stays abroad.

If you want to or perhaps have to supplement funds, the many institutes and thematic fields belonging to our Faculty have an ongoing requirement for student assistants in various capacities. A good address is the Career Center: The job and placements office on the campus is a joint enterprise of the University of Bremen and the Bremen Job Center.

Start of studies

Every year, the University of Bremen invites its new students to Theater Bremen. Among other items on this year’s program were the University Choir, Julia Engelmann, and Flo Mega.

The first week

A very warm welcome to the University of Bremen! Some 20,000 students are enrolled at the University of Bremen, a good 25% of them first semester students. They are all streaming back on to the campus for the start of winter semester.

Tutors are there to help

The University of Bremen trains the engineers of tomorrow – but it is understandable that many freshers experience initial difficulty coming to grips with their subjects. The tutoring program in production engineering comes to the rescue.

The Bremen Drop Tower

The most striking campus building is the drop tower. It is home to the Center for Applied Aerospace Technology and Microgravitation (ZARM), Europe’s only large-scale research facility for conducting experiments under conditions of zero gravity.