Management and Production Engineering

Modern-day life is increasingly shaped by the constant intertwining of technological advance with economic and social change. Accordingly, the coordination and cooperation between and within enterprises is becoming ever more complicated. There is hence a growing demand for experts with mind sets capable of thinking in such complex terms. Industrial engineers must be able to combine technical know-how with economic and management considerations, rounded off with honed social competences.

The bachelor's degree program "Management and Production Engineering" is an interdisciplinary degree program cooperatively operated by the Departments of Production Engineering (FB4) and Economics (FB7) of the University of Bremen. The combination of elements taken from the classical disciplines of business studies and mechanical engineering (production engineering) trains students not only in the economic management aspects of products, processes and enterprises, but also enables them to understand the technical background and inter-dependencies. Some contextual overlaps between courses offered by the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Production Engineering move the different perspectives of the two disciplines into focus. In contrast to studies in Management and Production Engineering at other universities in Germany, equal attention is paid both to aspects of business studies as well as to those of engineering.

At the beginning of the study, technical and business management principles are imparted, which are deepened in the further course of study and complemented by research and practical applications. In the 5th semester there is the possibility to choose between a technical and a business focus. With the study course industrial engineering production engineering a completed, basis-oriented basis is to be given both for the possible further qualification in a master program as well as for a direct entrance into the professional practice.

The program has a total of 180 ECTS and a standard duration of six semesters. The professional qualification "Bachelor of Science" will be awarded.

Admission requirement: post-secondary school diploma corresponding to university entrance level (e.g. Abitur) or an equivalent. Closing date for registration applications is July 15

A further requirement for admission to the bachelor’s study program Management and Production Engineering is a pre-studies placement which should be completed before the beginning of the study for content and organizational reasons. It is important you read the information under Placements and under Applications.

The course is offered in German only.

The interdisciplinary study program "Industrial Engineering Production Technology" is equally funded by the departments of Production Engineering (FB4) and Economics (FB7) of the University of Bremen. The course contents are composed of the courses of both faculties, so that students can be taught a wide range of business and production knowledge as well as a wide range of subject, method and communication skills.

The study program is structured as follows:
Compulsory courses (118 CP):
- Modules area “Business Studies? (45 CP)
- Modules area “Framework Sciences for industrial engineers? (28 CP)
- Modules area “Engineering Science? (45 CP)
Compulsory electives (18 CP):
- Specialist field Business Studies (18 CP) oder
- Specialist field Engineering Science (18 CP)
General Studies (32 CP):
- Compulsory courses with 14 CP
- Compulsory electives with 18 CP
Bachelor thesis (12 CP)

Specializations/ special fields: Business Studies, Engineering Science

Modules Guide for the bachelor’s program Management and Production Engineering
Modulhandbuch_BA_WING.pdf belongs to bachelor examination regulations 2019

Subject-related section of the bachelor examination regulations


Information regarding external thesis examinations

Joint committee

Chairperson / Program Leader:
Prof. Dr. Herbert Kotzab
Phone: +49 (0)421-218 66981

Program advisors

Svenja Schell

Phone: +49 (0)421 218-64998
FZB, Raum 2230
Office hours: by appointment (please inquire by email)
(further contact information: Studienfachberatung_WiIng_PT.pdf)


Rabea Blanck
Phone: +49 (0)421-218-64992
Admission requirements: post-secondary school diploma corresponding to university entrance level (e.g. Abitur) or an equivalent, 6-week pre-studies placement, English A2 (equals 3 years of school education)

Applcication under:

Application deadline for beginners for the winter semester is the 15th of July. Advanced students can also apply for the summer semester. Application deadline for the summer semester is January 15th.

Admission requirement pre-studies placement
A six-week pre-study internship full-time is required for the application to the BA Management and Production Engineering program which should be completed before the beginning of the study for content and organizational reasons. The presence of an internship position for the pre-study internship must be documented when enrolling at the Student Secretariat with an internship contract of the internship company. The internship contract must include an indication of the period during which the pre-study internship will be completed. Self-employment or summer jobs can not be recognized as a pre-study internship. There are different variants of the six-week pre-practical training possible:

(1) Technically oriented pre-studies placement
For pre-studies placements with technical orientation: From the following list you should choose at least one production-related and one planning activity/operation area: Production-related activity/operation areas: (component manufacturing, assembly and installation, fixture construction and tool making, maintenance and servicing) Planning activity/operation areas: (work and production preparation, development and design, testing laboratory, quality assurance)

(2) Management-oriented pre-studies placement
For pre-studies placements with an orientation to management you should choose two areas from the following: Accounting/controlling, procurement, planning/organization/human resources, sales, work and production preparation, quality assurance

(3) Pre-studies placement with a mixed technical and management orientation
For pre-studies placements with a mixed technical and management orientation you should choose one activity/operation area from the above-mentioned technically oriented pre-studies placements and one from the management-oriented list.

Please also take not of the following files:
FAQs pre-studies placement BA WIng
Placements Regulations BA WIng

You can use the printed form below for the record of activities undertaken during the placement:

Form “Record of Pre-studies’ Placement Activities BA Wing?


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