Production Engineering- Mechanical Engineering & Process Engineering (M.Sc.)

The master’s study program Production Engineering in the Faculty of Production Engineering constitutes a modern engineering education in which, building on the accordant bachelor’s program, students acquire the knowledge, skill sets and capabilities equivalent to the former Diplom-Ingenieur studies. To successfully complete the master’s study program in Production Engineering, students must acquire 90 CP over three semesters resp. 120(CP) over four semesters. Admission to the study program is reserved for students who have graduated from an undergraduate program lasting 6 or 7 semesters (i.e. 180 CP / 210 CP). In order to be awarded the Master’s Degree, students must gain 300 CP incl. including the CPs awarded for their undergraduate study program.

Examination requirements (modules)

1. FS

2. FS

3. FS

4. FS

Area of general compulsory electives (30 CP)

Production engineering subjects



General Studies – management and social science



Project work



Basics in specialization area / KAT. VTR-G (30CP)

Basic modules 1



Basic modules 2



Specialization modules 1



Specialization modules 2



Advanced specialization / KAT. VTR-S (30CP)

Advanced modules 3



Advanced modules 4



Compulsory electives in specialization



modules, master’s thesis, and viva (30CP)

Master’s thesis



Accompanying seminar



Selection of courses not belonging to chosen specialist field, max. 3 examination or study course credits

Only for the study program MScPT II with 120CP (over 4 semesters)

Free choice of 3-5 examination credits.



Studies can be taken up either in the summer or the winter semester. Applications are to be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs at the University of Bremen.
You can find information on admission requirements and application procedure for our master’s study program under:

The course is offered in German only.

SStudy schedule

The study programs Production Engineering I and II comprise three resp. four study phases accounting for 30 ECTS credit points (depending on whether you are aiming to graduate with 90 or 120 CPs).

Study phase “Specialist field basics�?: Compulsory modules related to the specialist field; only in the four-semester schedule “MScPT II�? with 120 credit points

Study phase “specialist field-specialization�?: Compulsory modules and compulsory electives relevant for your specialist field

Study phase “general compulsory electives�? comprising courses belonging to the compulsory electives area of “Production Engineering subjects�?, the compulsory electives area of General Studies “Management and social science�?, as well as a project assignment undertaken in the area of specialization

Study area “Master’s thesis�? comprising a methods workshop, completion of the master’s thesis and the subsequent viva in study.

specializations / specialist fields

The 27 thematic fields in the Faculty of Production Engineering represent the subjects taught. Combinations of these subjects in the six specialist fields lead to a specialization in the following thematic areas:

- General Mechanical Engineering (AM), Prof. Dr. Marc Avila
- Energy systems (ES), Prof. Dr. Fabio La Mantia (FG30)
- Manufacturing Engineering (FT), Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Carsten Heinzel
- Industrial Management (IM), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Freitag (FG 20)
- Aeronautical Engineering (LT), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel S. Herrmann (FG12)
- Materials sciences (MW), Prof. Dr.- Ing. Kurosch Rezwan (FG17)
- Process Engineering (VT), Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Udo Fritsching

It is a registration requirement that students choose a specialist field before taking up studies. However, in subsequent master’s studies they are not obliged to study the same specialist field as in their bachelor’s studies.

Modules Guide Master Production Engineering
Modules Guide_MA_PT.pdf

Subject-related section of the Master Examination regulations
Examination Regulations_I_MA_PT_three semesters.pdf
Examination Regulations_II_MA_PT_four semesters.pdf
* Amendment to the establishment of the "Aviation Technology"
* MA-Produktionstechnik-I-09-17_Lesefassung.pdf
* MA-Produktionstechnik-II-09-17_Lesefassung.pdf

Registering for examinations
Examination registration form
Repeat examination registration form

Applying for recognition of credits for the master’s study program Production Engineering
Application for recognition

Admission Reguirements

Information on undertaking external final theses
external final theses

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Program advisors

Dipl.-Inform. Thomas Bruns
Phone: +49 (0)421-218-64997
Fax: +49 (0)421-218-9864997
Sprechzeiten: FZB, Raum 2200, n.V.


Frau Martina Peters
Phone: +49 (0)421-218-64994
Admission requirement: Before being admitted to a master’s study program, students must have graduated from studies on bachelor level..

Applications under:

The closing date for submitting applications for registration as a first-semester student is January 15 for the summer semester and July 15 for the winter semester.

Master’s entrance test: To be registered on the master’s study program “Production Engineering?, candidates must pass an entrance test with a score of at least 50% of the number of possible points achievable. For more information see:

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Course Catalog:

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